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Josh specializes in traditional Weddings (including Jewish Orthodox), Bar/Bat Mitzvahs & all family event Videography

COVID 19 update:  Due to various event postponements and cancellations, many premium dates have recently become available.  We are accepting future bookings keeping in mind they may also be postponed or cancelled. We are flexible therefore none of our clients have lost their deposits. Our lowest cost package at only $595. may be suitable for many small and short home type weddings and other celebrations. If you have questions or special concerns please phone or email Josh.  Looking forward to normal celebrations as soon as possible. Thanks & stay safe.
View our many sample videos on a computer, click below:

Finer workmanship

Thoughtful camera-work. Exceptionally fine traditional coverage beyond today’s fads. Yes we do shoot full speeches, record guest tables and do family interviews on request. Careful editing work personally done by Josh. Cleaner set-up...100% wireless. Experience second to none. Well over 4000 events shot since 1979. Special requests always welcomed, customizing & various styles available. Fast completion time.

Best Hi-Definition

Best HD equipment in the trade. Sony XDCAM-HD full-size TV type camera with 3 imagers for better colour & best light sensitivity resulting in the best HD visual quality in the trade exceeding all DSLR & Mirrorless camera (including 4K) images. TV type cameras are best for technically correct coverage. Newcomers in the trade may refer to such cameras as “old school” but the results speak for themselves, TV cameras are the best & most reliable.

Better technology

Best primary camera & lens. Widest panoramic zoom lens.
Very easy battery powered remote controlled lighting.
Air pressurized smooth TV tripod. Smaller cameras available for specialty work including gimbal stabilizers for steady moving shots. Super smooth slider & drone views available. Latest effects & techniques.
Cordless microphones. Back-up equipment & staff. Video on Blu-ray discs and/or USB.

Reasonable pricing

Packages at very fair prices…choose from basic low cost weekday/small event packages starting at only $595., or upgrade to the most elaborate and anything in between. Workmanship and visual quality will always exceed expectations. Rapid pricing quotes available by email or phone. Booking is easy and fast…electronic bookings by email can be done in minutes and emailed payments by E-Transfer are acceptable.

There are many choices out there for Videography and just as many pricing variations

Everyone charges according to whatever they feel their product is worth. Our product is certainly a premium product and ranks with the best in our market. Be aware that many lower cost event videographers are now using risky small & still-cameras with limited video features to record events that require professional equipment. Check pricing carefully, comparing only dollar figures is misleading.
Some need to charge much more…expenses such as:  high rents/leases, multiple cameramen, large staff, fancy showrooms, costly salespeople, extensive advertising and leasing costs of pricey production equipment will of-course raise cost. Such unnecessary costs can easily add 50% to 200% above our prices. Excessively expensive video services offer no added value especially when too many cameramen are involved. We’ve trimmed all expenses that do not relate to the quality of the final product.

Helpful Video Shopping Advice

Advice from your closest friends is best
Careful with advice from strangers who promote the same groups of services every time and collect hefty payments.
Meet with the people who will do the actual work
Meeting only with a salesperson will get you promises that will not be kept.
The “flavour of the month” is rarely the one to choose
New low cost video hobbyists lack experience, scrutinize all Videographers equally, don't fall for referrals from strangers, low prices & sharp salesmanship.
The “team approach” is more of a “risky approach"
“Teams” tend to change often as cameramen & editors move on due to low earnings. Also, it is much more desirable to have the original cameraman edit his own work rather than leave editing to a “team” or junior editors at low cost outside service.
Short demo videos do not tell the whole story
Short entertaining demos are usually exciting, fast paced and can hide the imperfections of the full length version. View full length samples instead, preferably on a large screen TV rather than a smartphone as all videos on tiny screens look good. Look for: sharpness, good facial colours, evenly lit scenes, flow, pleasing transitions, steady zooming speed, lack of graininess, thought behind the camera-work and listen carefully to the audio.
Styles vary, but traditional remains strong
Careful with samples of short videos with impressive intros & endings, view the important segments instead as they will make the most difference many years down the road.
Be aware
Booking video through a photographer, caterer, DJ or any "all in one service" is very risky. Photography & video should not be booked from the same source, one of the two will be compromised. Do some homework as very few event videographers have the qualifications, technology and commitment required to do a proper job. Getting all your advice from one person is often risky.
Speedy completion
Waiting 6-12 months for editing is ridiculous, one month should be maximum. Some in our trade do go out of business unexpectedly!
Not all USBs & discs are created equal
Low end services use USBs & discs that are worth pennies. Careful with those who “throw in” multiple free copies, look at the content instead.
The High Definition Video evolution
Due to greatly improved image quality HD Video has become dominant. There are various levels of HD quality, the term 1920 x 1080 is misleading.
Many in our trade will be promoting Hi-Def but they will be using the wrong “home type” small hand held cameras and smartphones for very responsible work. This is not the route to take. We chose a TV type camera for best HD visual quality. 4K video promoted in our trade, is also misleading, although 4K specifications look impressive there is no improvement in visual quality unless viewed on a giant TV screen, those that claim to shoot in 4K always deliver the final product in normal HD.
Simply recording in 1920 x 1080 (or in 4K) does not guarantee great HD images
New small Mirrorless & DSLR type cameras
They’re great for still photos but lack many features required for professional video. All smaller camera video have the compressed look, resulting in less smooth motion & image quality. The only advantage is the low cost compared to dedicated video cameras, therefore all low-end services are now using such cameras. They are too risky for Event Videography due to jerky zooming, awkward focusing, unstable motion, often out of control audio, shorter record times and sensors that can over-heat causing unexpected shut downs. They also require various add-ons & stabilizers for even basic usage. We use small camera only for specialty shots. Such cameras should not be used as primary cameras and often require a costly team of cameramen in order to get an event shot properly. One cameraman using a DSLR type camera cannot do an acceptable event production, a team is required.
All pro videos require some added lighting to avoid shadows & dark faces common with novice and home made videos. Although much less lighting is now required for most modern cameras, most small HD cameras require extra lighting and look grainy in low light. Josh's latest camera is the most light-sensitive professional HD camera ever & requires no added lighting or just minimal lighting. Our HD images are full of detail, natural colours, brightness & clarity...graininess is history here.

Tribute Videos

Still photos & home video projected on a large screen have become a popular form of entertainment during many family events. The presentation can be enhanced with your choice of music and may be played through a band's or D.J.'s audio system.


What’s included


A new computer generated presentation at a very affordable price! High quality images including various effects as transitions plus added music. You may choose to keep it simple or sophisticated including a large variety of techniques, all at one low price. Also great for "looping videos"…Only $2. per photo.

▪Choose, number & place your photos in order  ▪You will be cropping & doing any required fix ups  ▪Digital photos only, emailed or dropped off on a USB  ▪Older prints will be scanned by you, scanning by us will be an additional $2. per photo. Various photo image fix-ups (colour, contrast, cropping, removing distractions etc.) are available at an average of $2. per photo. Narration and various other extras are available.


Our classic sophisticated customized version. Includes an introduction with titles, photos (older prints and/or digital) with fantastic special effects and carefully chosen techniques, backgrounds and transitions plus your choice of music. Photo fix-ups & touch-ups included…Pricing depends on level of sophistication $5. to $10. per photo.

- Need a projecting service?...please check with your DJ or we can recommend a projecting service -

We receive wonderful e-mails!

Alexa & Stanley
Our video is amazing and we're so so happy! Thank you for creating such a beautiful wedding video and for capturing such an important moment for us. We can't thank you enough.
Jordana S.
Thanks for all of your great work on our wedding video. So much was covered and I'm really thankful for that. We've watched it tons of times as it takes me right back to the night, and I get to see things I otherwise would have missed. It's something we will treasure forever.
Michelle & Daniel S.
It was amazing to have you as our wedding videographer. We are so happy with the final results. You were able to capture all the meaningful, memorable & fun moments of our special day. Thanks so much for being a pleasure to work with. !
May & Ed P.
Today was the first time we sat down to view portions of the video, it is absolutely fabulous!! Thank you very much for all the extra detail and effort you put into making this possible. We can hardly wait to see it in its entirety and to show it to our family and friends! 
Suzy D.
Josh, I just wanted to tell you how pleased I was with my daughter's wedding video.  We saw it earlier tonight on a big screen through a projector.  It was wonderful; I especially enjoyed the extra touches throughout and the recap.  Plus, you gave everybody equal time and seemed to have captured practically every special moment.
Lena C.
I have to say, that we chose someone else for Jaime's Bar Mitzvah (you were booked) 3 years ago, and it was a nightmare.  My friend used him a few weeks later and had the same experience. I really appreciate your professionalism. I think we'll start planning my events around your availability! Thank you!
Julia & Mark
I just wanted to send you a note to thank you so much for the incredible job you did on our wedding video. It's everything we'd hoped it would be. Working with you was a real pleasure. Thanks again!
Anjie T.
I remembered the reason we keep coming back to you: So flawlessly professional!  Thank you!
You did my wedding in 1999, from all the people we hired you were the only "mench". Thank you for our son’s recent Bar Mitzvah video!
Joy R.
I finally all had the opportunity to watch your superb video and re-live that wonderful occasion of Michaela's Bat-Mitzvah. Josh, you did a terrific job – great shooting and editing.  You are truly a top talent in your industry.  I only hope Michaela decides to get married before you retire!
Evelyne and David S.
What an amazing keepsake to have from our daughter's wedding. We enjoyed every minute of it. I relived the day and I just can't get the smile off of my face. Thank you so much for all of your hard work and making something so beautiful for us to have forever. G-d willing, when Lesley gets engaged you will be the first person I call. Take care, and thanks again for everything.  
Gale W.
Wow-It's great!!! We just finished viewing my daughter's wedding video on Blu-ray. You've captured all the joy of our kids' wedding day and I love the way you recorded the speeches & the wrap-up at the ending. You did an amazing job and I can't wait to watch it again with the whole family. Thank you sssooo much, Josh I am thrilled, I loved it!
Effi & Hilary
We are very pleased with our video and we are happy with our choice to go with you. We are also very impressed with the fast completion time.
Ali Z.
Josh the HD video looks incredible!  We could not be happier! Thank you so much for all your hard work and for getting it done so quickly. We're thrilled with it! I fall more and more in love with it each time! 
Joe M.
Just viewed our daughters wedding for the first time last night. You did a wonderful job, really beautiful video masterfully done. Anytime you need a reference just have them call me.
Sherri N.
Thank you so much for the terrific video. We have already watched it a few times and we all feel that you really captured the mood of the evening. Thank you again for a great job! We will be sure to recommend you!!
Esti S.
We just finished watching!!! WOW!!! WOW!!!! Tysm!!!!! What a beautiful beautiful video!!!!
U can see all your hard work and devotion.
The video literally goes all day!!! We can't get enough!!!! It's a masterpiece.
The HD is so clear and vivid, it's definitely worth the extra cost. This is my second Toronto wedding in 10 months. I wish I had you do the video for my other daughter. Your sense of style and filming truly tell the story of the day.
Moshe, Digi, Zack, Lexi and Jordy
Josh...just wanted to thank you for being you..and for all that you did....last night was a success because of your time and effort and all that you did...we know you do it from the heart not for $$...We thank you and cannot wait to share many many many more simchas with you.

Elena D.
We watched the video tonight!! WOW!! We relived that night...so much I didn't even see or notice but you captured it all!! Thank you!! Thank you!! We laughed, cried (happy tears) - We all loved it!! We had our belated Thanksgiving family dinner & the video was our entertainment... You captured this memory for us for life... Absolutely incredible & beyond amazing!! Thank you so much!!
We got together with our families to watch our wedding video, and I wanted to let you know how thrilled we were with it. You did an absolutely wonderful job and captured our special day perfectly. Thanks again for your hard work in putting it together. We will cherish it forever!