Josh specializes in modern & traditional Weddings

(including Jewish Orthodox), Bar/Bat Mitzvahs & all family event Videography

Although we've been in the trade for a very long time, we are aware of the many changes in client preferences and various trends that have evolved during the past few years. We’ve made various positive changes in order to keep up with the times and client input is always welcomed. We’re also aware that some competitors charge ridiculous high fees while new less skilled competitors undercharge and will not stay in the trade for long.

We’ve chosen very fair pricing from every point of view. We stay late and don’t sneak out early. We record full speeches, many dances, and you may still choose guest table views plus personal interviews. We avoid staging events and we always aim to make you look your best. There’s no large crew hanging around at your event as Josh personally does the majority of the camera & editing work. We’ve recently updated to all new higher-grade and more compact camera & editing equipment. Same applies to accessories such as tripods, easy lighting, gimbals, microphones, communications & cordless devices. Back-up equipment is always on hand. Now 100% wireless; no cords anywhere.

The workmanship, extra care, detail & technical correctness are beyond any competitor in the trade at a similar price range. Booking may be done by email & payments may be sent by E-Transfer. Josh is fully Covid vaccinated & boosted. Questions always welcomed. Pricing is available by email, please contact Josh & we'll promptly send you a pricelist.

Thanks for your interest.

Planning a small event on a less busy date?...check our reasonably priced "Value Packages".

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